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May 6, 2021

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Jeff BradshawFebruary 14, 2014

Thanks to all for your comments. Paul, the book of Jasher is a late midrash and though I do use it sometimes, I tend to avoid relying on it unless I can find the same material in earlier, better-attested sources. See the study of the book of Jasher by LDS scholar Edward J. Brandt. Sharee, you raise a good question. Some deal with this question by placing the story in a much later timeframe. Others (including myself) see this as another indication that the Flood was not global in nature (see my "Science and Genesis" article, published previously in Meridian). John, you are certainly correct about the difficulty that continual flooding poses to habitation of the area--and to archaeological research!

John NicholsonFebruary 13, 2014

Jeremiah prophesies of the the destruction of Babylon in Chapter 50! It is also prophesied that the land desolate, never to rise up again. I saw the area of Babylon at the beginning of the archeological dig season, and what the previous season had achieved in uncovering, by the time of the following start of season, it had been covered up again, by winds and sand! Son of Nun

Sharee February 13, 2014

The Tower of Babel story took place about 300 years or so after the flood. There were 8 people on the ark. Could those 8 people have expanded to cities and countries in such a short time?

paul krugerFebruary 13, 2014

no mention of the book of Jasher, which gives a in depth account of the tower and the dispersal ??



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