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September 28, 2021

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Ann November 8, 2013

Long before our children married, I desired to cement a solid relationship with the spouses they would bring into our family. As my children married I acknowledged that for right then it was enough to love the spouse because my child loved them. But I also set the goal to get to know the new spouse so I could love them independently of my child. I can tell you that when you pray for and work towards a worthy goal you will be blessed to achieve it. Each of my children-in-laws brings something vital to the relationship not only with our child but with our extended family. Once something was said in jest about who was right. Without hesitation, we responded that our daughter-in-law was more in the right. She then admitted that her parents felt the same way towards our son. We have since gone through a most difficult trial. And our son's in-laws have supported him as if he was their own. It is has not been a hard quest for our family to love our in-law children. But I will testify that even if it had been incredibly hard, it would be worth the effort. We now have one son and two sons by other mothers. We also have two daughters and one daughter by another mother. We are indeed blessed for learning to love and support each other.

Rachel HamrickNovember 7, 2013

A beautiful story!



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