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May 19, 2022

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Chuck WhickerOctober 3, 2013

I do hope that it is eventually understood, among the saints, that the law of Moses was not a "lower" law as current tradition suggests, but is much higher than the law that was given to the Gentiles, beginning with Paul's ministry -- and appropriatelyl so, since it would have been backwards for the Gentiles to be given a higher, more demanding law than the chosen seed. Paul, who was the "apostle to the Gentiles" admitted that he withheld the meat and gave them only "milk" - which would indicate that it is a lesser covenant fit for "babes," a term that he, himself, coined to describe the Gentile status. It is the law of Moses that Paul, himself, referred to as "holy" in several places. Those who come unto Zion will live holier laws than now, as D&C sections 82, 103, and 105 clearly indicate; and in section 84:56-57 the Lord makes clear that the "whole church" is "under condemnation" for having failed to live the "new covenant" which contained the "former commandments" which the Lord had "written." D&C 4:1 indicates that the united order was intended by the Lord to last "until I come." Thus we see it is something we fell away from (see D&C 105:2) and not something that was merely taken from us because of persecution. Had we been obedient as a church, the Lord had promised to wipe away the persecutors and empower us over all other powers (see D&C 103:5-10).



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