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June 2, 2023

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kevin_jkJune 28, 2013

We know that those unable or unwilling to have kids are allowed to marry and so legally, there is no connection. Therefore the inability of gays to have kids genetically related to both partners is moot. Many say that having two parents of the same sex isn't ideal for the raising of children yet both single straights and gays adopt kids. Even if having two opposite sex parents is ideal, it is still not sufficient grounds to prevent single straights or gays from adopting. Since that is the case, how is it sufficient grounds to deny gays marriage, especially if they don't plan on raising kids? Many straight couples aren't ideal parents. They may have poor morals , do drugs, subject kids to second hand smoke, drink, belittle education, put the kids in day care every day, live in a poor/dangerous neighborhood, don't provide a well balanced diet, etc...Why are such sub-ideal couples allowed to marry, but a lesbian couple, both with graduate degrees in Marriage, Family and Human Development from BYU, who are active in a church, who are actively involved in the child's local school, who live in a nice neighborhood, who have one parent stay home and make nutritious well balanced meals and raises the child with no day care, where neither parent smokes, drinks, does drugs, etc...are NOT allowed to marry? Which couple is more fit to raise a child and deserve the protections marriage provides spouses and kids? Which couple will get it however? Since denying gays marriage will not prevent gays from raising kids, we know that, as Justice Kennedy said, that denying same-sex parents the rights of marriage harms these kids. Kids revieve legal, financial and emotional benefits and protections from their parents being married. Why is the author seemingly willing to harm the kids of same-sex parents?

Brian WhitneyJune 28, 2013

I completely agree. Marriage is about having and raising children. That is why I support legislation against marriage for seniors and infertile couples as well.

JasperJune 27, 2013




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