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June 26, 2022

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DaveMarch 2, 2013

At first I felt like Joe. Then the thought came to my heart that said that this isn't about you. This is the "better" way to pray, when we get to that point in our relationship with our Father that we do as he has asked through his servants. Thank you for reminding us these things that our Prophets have asked us to do.

JoeMarch 1, 2013

I had a deep, meaningful, spiritual relationship with my Heavenly Father long before I ever joined the LDS Church. There are some LDS cultural aspects I have adopted and some I have not. Reverence during prayer comes from the heart, not from incorrectly using archaic pronouns. If some in the church feel that it works for them to be less complacent during prayer, I encourage it. However, overall I have found the LDS to be an irreverent people. Even within the temple I can find no place free of chatter to pray and contemplate. I continue to address my Father as "You and Your" . A more refined people should not seek to come between Him and me and respect my choice.

WendyMarch 1, 2013

Thank you, Brother Ogden, for bringing these ideas/suggestions back to light, especially using Thee and Thou in our prayers. I feel that too many of us are getting too complacent in our prayers and we need to bring the respect back.



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