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December 3, 2020

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Pattie SkousenJuly 24, 2020

I have loved George Washington's history and who he was. I have always admired him as a general and as a founder of our nation and as the first president of the United States. I, too am thankful and grateful for his continual efforts for our great nation. He IS the most honored president of our nation.

Moroni LeashJuly 24, 2020

David Barton is the historian who, with a congressman and others, created two outstanding video series: "Constitution Alive" and "The American Heritage Series" - the first, to teach key principles of the Constitution, and the second to teach the role of God in the founding of our nation - using original source documents and books of the era. Both should be required viewing in schools, and for every elected official. Watch them, they are truly excellent. Easily found via Amazon and elsewhere.

Robert StarlingJuly 23, 2020

And yet ignorant masses now want to tear down statues of this great man! I pray that that same Divine Providence who protected Washington will now protect our nation and our Constitution from the mob violence and the political strife that now engulfs America.

Carol Ann ShepherdJuly 23, 2020

Thank you for publishing this account! I have related this powerful story to many, many fifth grade classes over the years. It is not in the school history books! God certainly protected General George Washington in battle which then preserved him to be able to later lead the Continental Congress by the power of God to adopt the U.S. Constitution and establish our Constitutional Republic, our United States of America. His humility and strength was powerful as he, without guile, was elected to be the first President of our country. How painful to me that this story is not taught to youngsters as part of our history as evident when present-day protesters are senselessly and evilly destroying statues in remembrance of him! At this time, we, as citizens of this great nation, need to humble ourselves, remember our sacred duty, and vote wisely in November to preserve our Union from being destroyed from within!

Russell CannonJuly 23, 2020

Thanks for sharing this review. It comes during a time when the fathers of our country are under attack. The true miracle of the Revolutionary War is how the Lord worked through imperfect and flawed humans to accomplish the founding of a new nation necessary for the Restoration of the Gospel. We should not hide those human frailties and foibles, but we should teach future generations about the great things accomplished by men and women who were willing to sacrifice all for freedoms we now enjoy.

mary tarbetJuly 23, 2020

This is such valuable infomation especially for these times many many thanks!

Karla H CampbellJuly 23, 2020

May we, as Americans, never forget the divinely inspired origins of this mighty nation. This is the promised land-one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.



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