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June 29, 2022
June 29, 2022

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K. JohnsonApril 26, 2020

The complete and lifelong mighty change of heart is a process over time, and not a one time point in time. This is of the doctrine and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ and not a "LDS" belief. While the initial conversion of an individual is often quite a mighty one time event, it is supposed to be an ongoing, lifelong process of enduring to the end. Alma 5:6-31 The Lamanites that received that initial purification they asked for and received, still had to abide by the doctrine and prinicple of enduring to the end. Alma 53:13-15. They were tempted to break the oath they had made to the Lord, but they heeded the word of their Priesthood leaders, and saved their souls from damnation of breaking their oath to the Lord. 3 Nephi 18:15 warns us that the process must be a lifelong event or series of events, or we will lose our promise as King David and so many others who undoubtedly had a mighty change of heart toward God yet did not endure to the end.

VardellApril 18, 2020

It certainly is LDS belief that, “a mighty change of heart is a process over time, not a point in time.” But I’m not sure why we think that. All of our scriptural examples of those receiving forgiveness of sins–being born again, changed, redeemed, are events. Even in this example, which is one of the most detailed accounts, the people said, “the Spirit of the Lord has wrought a mighty change in us”. That’s past tense, not a goal they hope to earn through their future ministering, but something already done by Christ. And then in verses 13-16 Benjamin states the difference this forgiveness and change will make in their lives. Their hearts were changed at a “point in time” –the exact point when they felt the fear of the Lord, pleaded for mercy and forgiveness, and asked that their hearts be “purified.” They immediately received what they had asked for. This is also what happened with Enos, and Alma, and Lamoni, and Lamoni’s father, and the wicked Lamanites in Helaman 5. And yet we cling to the process theory. Maybe if we don’t believe it can happen for us, it won’t.



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