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June 26, 2022

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AdrienneMarch 30, 2020

Excellent writing. The work we do in recovery will often reveal the pattern of redemption always in progress in the world around us. Art imitates life. Brilliant piece! Thank you for writing it!

Donald HoffmanJanuary 18, 2020

The Churches Addiction Recovery Program is patterned after the AA 12 Steps Program, with one great difference......healing is taught to come through the power of The Atonement of Jesus Christ. Alma 7:11. The Savior will help us with our character weaknesses, when we are willing.

Carly DavisJanuary 16, 2020

Hi, I got the exact same things from the movie. I did the s-anon program, a 12 step program for people with loved ones in sex/pornography addiction, and would read the healing through Christ manual, LOOOVED IT!! I got so much out of it and I remembered the principle of "do the next right thing" and basically a lot of it was also about co-dependency. Both of those principles have helped me a lot. I REALLY admire your perspective and your bravery to share that because it's needed!!! I'm in a social work master's program to help people with these types of issues and it's nice to hear people with similar perspectives and experiences and that speak out and share!!

HJanuary 15, 2020

The film seemed like it was conditioning children to accept wiccan ideas and practices which were alluded to at various points in the film.



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