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May 16, 2022

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MaryannDecember 30, 2019

President Nelson has counselled us to pray to gain a sense what our Heavenly Father thinks of us and how much he loves us. When we really come to an understanding of our worth to Him and to our Savior, the thoughtless or unkind comments from others won't be so hurtful. We can be confident in our individual worth to our Father and His Son. We can all benefit, too, by remembering we need to look in the mirror and cast the beam out of our own eyes, instead of pridefully believing it is our job to straighten someone else out!

Lyle KoffordDecember 27, 2019

This "idealism" falls short in at least one regard: Some people NEED correction and really are deserving of such "assistance" in life. A bold, quick reproach is sometimes necessary. Read: 2 NEPHI 27: 31 - 35 and D.&C. 121: 43,44. Actually virtually all of the scriptures listed in the TOPICAL GUIDE under "Reproof, Reprove" are instructive in this regard. IF one is offended by reproof, there is a warning: Proverbs 10:17 and 12:1. Also Proverbs 15:10

Becky DouglasDecember 27, 2019

Joni--I love your columns! They nearly always strike close to home, yet always have sound advice for dealing with life's challenges. Even when I'm crazy busy, I somehow find a way to read your columns. Thank you for the way you look at life and for sharing your insights! Becky Douglas



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