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March 24, 2023

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JacobDecember 20, 2019

Oh, brother. I rarely have time to read comments any more these days...but first thing this morning, a dear friend sent me the screenshot of your comment. I will admit, I started to weep. Thank you for being so open to hearing me out. The other essays are linked at the top of the article - and I'm copying them below too. I love what Lora has said in response to your question - and agree with Colin's encouragement to connect with other (new or old) friends who can walk with you. I would simply add - let me be one of them! (: It would be a joy to me to be able to hear your voice and story, sometime - on the phone, in person. Please do send me a note sometime here: [email protected] With the help of friends and our Great Friend - who has redeemed me from my own seemingly inescapable darkness - you can do this, brother! I'm so proud of you. I can't think of anything better than that paragraph from President Nelson as a guide for the days ahead...and, of course, diving back into the Book of Mormon itself with gusto. Links to the other articles below: Introduction – Recruiting Alma the Younger ( 1 – Irreconcilable Faith Crisis? Or Faith Injury to Heal? ( 2 – Why does it hurt so bad to walk away from the Church of Jesus Christ? ( 3 – It Wasn’t the Evidence that Broke Your Shelf ( 4 – Turning Something Very Good into Something Very Bad ( 5 – Does Progressive Teaching Represent a Higher Embrace of Jesus’s Gospel or a Misunderstanding of It? ( 6 – Come Back, Come Back, Wherever You Are (

Lorena HolmsteadDecember 20, 2019

Geoff, I think Jacob Hess would agree that if all the time and experience and energy he put into this article would be to just touch one soul - yours - it would be worth it. You are worth it! I suggest two things for starting your journey back. Start reading the Book of Mormon every day, even if it's just one verse, and get yourself to a Sacrament Meeting. And may the Lord continue to bless you!

ColinDecember 19, 2019

Hi, Geoff. You can click the author's name to see the rest of the series, which starts November 12 of this year: My two cents on how to start: opening your heart to the possibilities, as it sounds like you're already starting to do, seems like the most important first step. A second might be to confide in a faithful (in both senses of the word) friend for ongoing support. Good luck, my brother!

LoraDecember 19, 2019

My uncle went inactive for 40 years. Then a miracle happened! His daughter became a member--through the efforts of people we didn't know--and the next thing you know, my uncle started coming back to church. It could be as simple as that, Brother Turner. This Sunday will be the Christmas services in your ward. If you don't know where it is, you can google "Find a Meetinghouse" and it will show up. Start small. Just go to church this Sunday. Enjoy the music. Celebrate the holiday. Do it as a birthday present for Jesus. He's been waiting for you! You don't need to make any big announcements or commitments to change. Don't scare yourself. Just get inside the building and see how you feel. Let the Holy Spirit guide you what to do next. If you follow the Spirit, He will lead you step by step, and give you the strength and courage to do it. We look forward to having you back!

Geoff TurnerDecember 19, 2019

I have been a member of the Church for 30+ years, I have been a doubting, inactive member for just less than 30+ years, although I have never actually renounced my membership. I found this article extremely encouraging and thought provoking - it planted in me a desire to do just as suggested and reconsider. I didn’t know this was the culmination of a series - can I read all of the previous essays? Where are they? After so long - any suggestions of the best way to start the journey back? Thank you.



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