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February 21, 2024

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Celeste McclainSeptember 11, 2019

That’s horrible! That man should have never taken that gun out regardless if it’s his home or not! He was an idiot! By the Grace of God, and God only, this incident didn’t become deadly! I know people want they’re “guns”, but this should show how dangerous they are period, even in a completely innocent situation! Showing off is over rated that man should feel horrible for putting those amazing missionaries through all that pain and suffering! God Bless then! Hopefully that idiot who shot not only himself, but the missionaries is also should be ashamed of himself and should learn to keep his gun, unloaded and concealed, in a safe place! Idiot!

OldHandSeptember 9, 2019

(sigh) There were so many rules broken that I hardly know where to start. The ones I will mention are not necessarily in the usual order of precedence. #1 failure: every firearm is LOADED until you have proven otherwise. Treat it accordingly, (#2) never allow the muzzle to cover anything you do not intend to shoot - including yourself! #3 Know what's beyond where the muzzle is pointed. If you are on the first floor of a two story building, the ceiling may not be a safe place to point the muzzle. If you intend to show someone a firearm, CLEAR IT; that means removing all ammunition, both from any magazine attached and from the firing chamber. If you don't know - for certain - how to do that, you shouldn't be handling that firearm at all. Get competent instruction. In aviation, it's commonly said that one mistake can bend the airplane; two mistakes together will likely get someone hurt; three mistakes together will almost certainly get someone killed. It works the same with firearms. AND it is always preventable. If you have a gun, know, in detail, the its operation and its weaknesses (they all have at least one). Take the weaknesses into account when you handle it. Just like



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