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October 16, 2021

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HalSeptember 4, 2019

There doesn't even need to be war or natural disaster. Some years ago, I was completely out of debt and had plenty of monetary / temporal resources. I never dreamed that one day I would be divorced, forced to move out of my home, and then lose my job in the ensuing recession. I lost almost everything and had to start over again. Fortunately, a little preparation, a lot of hard work, faithful friends, and my faith that the Lord would provide carried me through that difficult time. All of those trials eventually resulted in tremendous blessings. It was also a lesson that worldly possessions don't bring happiness - the only peace in this world is staying close to the Savior and keeping His commandments.

Keith UnderwoodSeptember 4, 2019

It is significant that we uphold one another in prayer. Stay close to God's word and love one another as the Lord teaches. Forgive and love our enemies as God does. They too deserve a chance!

John HewlettSeptember 4, 2019

Well said Carolyn. The apathy and indifference around us foretell the prophecies coming true each day. Thank you for a well written reminder warning and admonition to continue to prepare in every needful thing.



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