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August 9, 2022

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DNPNovember 7, 2018

I am a teacher in western Maryland. My father was a teacher and my daughter is a teacher. I can say that the vast majority of teachers are hard working, dedicated and love their students. I can also say that many of them are underappreciated by both parents and local governments. They don't seem to appreciate the positive influence that teachers have in the lives of children. The best way teachers have of defending themselves and the work they do is by banding together to fight for adequate pay and benefits. Yes, I have seen association representatives who haven't done a good job. But I have also seen that most really fight for teachers and adequate resources for schools. One thing I have also noticed is that those who are quick to complain about teacher associations are also quick to accept the higher pay and better benefits the associations negotiated with local governments and school districts. Maybe we should have pay and benefit tiers - one for those who are willing to band together to fight for the pay and benefits teachers deserve and another for those who try to fight "the system" alone and are willing to be under payed and under appreciated.

Lana JohnsonNovember 7, 2018

Why hasn't any one done something about teachers being bullied? I was forced out of the Clark county school district through beingbullied and lied about. They took EVERYTHING from me but my life and they wanted that too! NO ONE would go to court with me, I was told that NO ONE would ever win against the school district because of they are cronies ! I still get physically sick if I think of the abuse and horror I went through!!!!!!!!!!

JoshuaNovember 6, 2018

@Jvk. Appreciate your comment, but is very much a canned answer coming from a "left wing extremist" viewpoint. The article has brought up some important points. If you disagree, then dispute the points, don't try to shut down the conversation. Finally, I would dare say, the left nor the right is the single best answer for everything. Your comment about right wing extremists corrupting the learning process says a lot about your rigid worldview.

JvkNovember 6, 2018

Unions are vital in that they protect the workers from exploitation and inappropriate behaviour. It’s a hard life for teachers, yet unions are making things better for them. Without them, right wing extremists will make life harder for teachers and corrupt the learning process.



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