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September 28, 2021

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Sarah who has 5 kids..and KNOWS!August 23, 2018

Learn how testosterone works. Men are depleted when they get home. Tell him you will give him 30 mins to " rest' before you bombard him. Then he can physically help you. He can rest by video/ sleeping for 25 mins/ walking..whatever works for him. Each man is different, but all men are the same. Then you will get the best out of him during the evening if his hormones are back up. You can fight mother nature..but she will always win, so work around his exhaustion once home...then he can be there for everyone. Ask him for 30 mins for you later..not as he walks in. Never going to work! Also once kids leave the table..that's your time to talk. Train your kids they can't return to the table to interrupt you, unless there is blood. That can be part of your intimate time each day..or a date night!? Its very hard to have date night weekly when u have no sitter/ money/ hate each other, so try the table. .

Robert StarlingAugust 23, 2018

Thanks Joni. REALLY good insights as usual.

Deb FoxAugust 23, 2018

I LOVED this article! Going to share it with my married kids!



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