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April 1, 2023

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Harold RustAugust 9, 2018

I believe there is a more substantive reason behind the "Nones" than is shown in any of the alternatives in the poll: it is that it is much easier being a "none" than being a believer and an active participant in religious observance. Think about it....if you are an active member of a Church group, then you are expected to attend, to help out on service projects, to take time to study religious teachings, to live up to a higher standard, and to gage yourself against a goal with eternal implications rather than some mortal standard of how successful in business or how good your talents. That means a lot more "work" and that is "hard". The only reason you would do all that extra effort is if you really believed it made a difference. And so if you don't believe and are a "none" you can avoid any sense of guilt for not doing the "work".



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