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February 8, 2023

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JulieApril 14, 2018

When I hear of a woman who wants to be ordained to the priesthood I feel bad for her; she doesn't realize what she already has!

MarenApril 11, 2018

I, too am an ordinance worker in the temple, and with that comes authority to administer Priesthood ordinances to my sisters in various areas of the temple. Also, women are sometimes called "co-creators" with God, as we have the ability to give residence to a new spirit/ mortal body within our own. I would not trade that blessing for anything else!

Wendy LanderApril 11, 2018

It surprised me that Elder and Sister Renlund did not mention women performing priesthood ordinances in the temple or the power of women bearing children. Beautifully expressed CharlieBrown, thank you.

CarolApril 11, 2018

As an ordinance worker in the temple, I perform priesthood ordinances for the sisters who come as patrons.

CharlieBrown2292April 11, 2018

Women were born with an awesome power, to which men do not have access: that of developing a special physical and emotional bond with children they carry into their womb and to whom they give birth, that men will never experience. And this bond does translate into special insights the mother has on how to deal with her children and cater to their physical and emotional needs over a life-time that fathers do not necessarily have. In the end, one may argue that God has given women special opportunities for spiritual fulfillment in mortality that whatever priesthood assignments men may have do not match.



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