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September 24, 2021

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Donna Felder Rucker DeusenberryMarch 19, 2018

I and those of my family - husband and two children - who have had our patriarchal blessings are all of Ephraim. My husband's family descends from England and Denmark. My DNA results show my heritage at 39% Ireland/Scotland/Wales, 18% Scandinavia, 16% Great Britain, and 9% Europe West. I was born in North Georgia. My paternal 5th GGF was born in Switzerland and migrated to South Carolina to play a huge honorable role in the Revolution leading to our freedoms!

kateni t. LeakeheMarch 9, 2018

I am Tongan and of the tribe of Ephraim. I have a brother who is of the tribe of Ephraim too; a sister and brother of the tribe of Manasseh. Of my 8 kids, 7 are from Ephraim and one from Manasseh. My wife, a Caucasian, is from Ephraim. My parents and oldest sister are of Joseph with no further breakdown.

john MerzlockMarch 3, 2018

The Jewish people were scattered and driven /mixed with many others throughout their history . Many times they intermarried with the local population in which they lived and their posterity and DNA were a mixture of their forefathers.

Barbara LewisMarch 2, 2018

Adding country of birth would be interesting.

JanMarch 2, 2018


Tamra Wilson TingeyMarch 2, 2018

Ephraim United States of America

DelorisMarch 1, 2018


Mary AldrichMarch 1, 2018

I'm Ephraim.

Nancy WoodMarch 1, 2018

I am of the tribe of Ephraim. I was born in Fayette County, West Virginia.

VerniseMarch 1, 2018

I was told I was a direct descendant from Joseph who was sold into Egypt with the pure Israel blood.

Peggy LawverMarch 1, 2018


Evelyn RussellMarch 1, 2018


NinaMarch 1, 2018

Of our seven children, their patriarchal blessings declare six to be from Ephraim and one from Manasseh.

Norma howesMarch 1, 2018

Ephraim I'm from Utah but born in California

RoxanneFebruary 28, 2018

A young man in our ward served a mission in Bulgaria a few years ago and heard a patriarch speak who stated he had given patriarchal blessings to people living in Bulgaria and had seen all twelve tribes represented.

GaleFebruary 28, 2018

Can't answer the questionnaire, since I'm of Judah adopted into Ephraim.

Shelley StevensFebruary 28, 2018

Hoping you will compile and share the results!

Peg OsmersFebruary 28, 2018

mine reads "you have flowing through your veins the believing blood of Israel, you are a daughter of Ephraim who was a son of Joseph." I am of British Isle descent, Scotch, Welch, British, Irish and Normandy.

ColinFebruary 28, 2018

This doesn’t work on a phone—the vote button is obscured, as are some of the options.

Meledie GregoryFebruary 28, 2018

Another interesting question would be directed to those who have had a DNA test. In the results - a surprise was that though I am mostly Eastern European, there is also a trace, 3% of Jewish blood coming from where I do not know. That was also the case with one of my adopted sons,6%, and also the case with a friend of mine, as well as my brother, etc.



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