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August 6, 2020

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The Lord is my LightDecember 24, 2017

One of the great opportunities of temple service is the opportunity to do as Christ would do - thy will, not mine, be done. Pride keeps us from doing God's will. Imagine for a moment the vast majority of the world, who if they knew what the temple and its ordinances mean to them and their kindred dead would do anything just to be able to pass a towel if it let them into God's Holy Temple? What a gift to our youth this announcement is. Only a fool would blemish it with griping. What victory is this? Let the glory be to God and the gratitude be ours.

Chuck CochranDecember 21, 2017

When attending the temple without my wife I often dress then ask the shift coordinator: Where do you need a patron? I have had so many wonderful experiences by just being there and serving where needed.

vickieDecember 20, 2017

no matter how we serve the Lord and especially in the temples I say its wonderful.

vickieDecember 20, 2017

I think its wonderful to serve matter what the service entails. what matters is what is in the heart of the server and the girls need to be taught that. its wonderful..just to be in the presence of such holiness and being able to do the work of the Lord no matter what it is.

Fuller'sDecember 20, 2017

ANY service in the temple - whether it be vacuuming the floors or cleaning the toilets or sweeping the walkways - is still honorable service and must be done by someone. When we seek to "grade" the service opportunities by any person of any age - we have lost focus of what is truly important! It is the chance to serve in holy places that uplifts us and strengthen us. Whatever our tasks may be, they all are necessary functions and that should give us great satisfaction to be part of something bigger than ourselves. I for one would be happy to do whatever task I can to serve in the temple. Making light of service done in the Lord's House is a measure of our own pettiness and narrow mindedness.

Sharee HughesDecember 20, 2017

when I read the Church's announcement, I thought it was wonderful. Here was a great opportunity for young men and women to serve the Lord in the Temple! How marvelous! It never occurred to me that anyone would slight such an opportunity to serve. How shallow some people are.



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