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October 26, 2021

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CharlieBrown2292December 16, 2017

Bill, I met Romney on a couple of occasions, and he comes across as one of the American politicians with the highest level of moral integrity, So he does indeed have moral authority to warn voters about Trump being a con man. I do actuallly personally know people who have become victims to Trump's shady business dealings. This does not mean that Trump is all bad, especially when he defends conservative values and protects the rights of Christians. But let's face it, Romney would have made a much more trustworthy President, should he have run in 2016.

MariaDecember 16, 2017

I cannot imagine being "disappointed" when Bannon turned out to be exactly what he has shown himself to be in every other public statement he has made. I would only be disappointed if I had expected some other behavior from him. But he's a jerk so why would I expect something else from him?

BillDecember 11, 2017

Reread Romney,s ugly speech about Trump and then ask how much “moral authority” Mitt Romney has.

R GalliniDecember 11, 2017

Where were these same Mitt defenders when Mitt was running for president and he was slandered and defamed by Senator Harry Reid by being accused of not paying his taxes? Then after the election, we hear Brother Harry Reid laugh and justify his actions by saying: "Well, we won, didn't we? I have 5 sons who served missions and did not serve in the military while the wars were raging in the Middle East. I was a Marine Officer and served in Viet Name. However, I took no offense to what Steve Bannon said about Mitt. I do think Mitt, Mike Lee, Jeff Flake, and Hatch jumped the gun on Roy Moore. But, you will see no apology from them.

vickieDecember 11, 2017

I read about this before. bannon was reaching out to find something he could use against mit and there was nothing except him being a Mormon. its not about republican or religion or any of that its all about winning or losing. I have to admit I was upset when I noticed jeb bush going to mit Romney and telling him to not run for president in 2016. and mit didn't run. one thing I know for sure, is God is watching all of this and knows who should be president at the time they are. I'm even talking about Obama whom I didn't vote for. no one is perfect. but lately, I can see that no one gets along which sounds like the signs of the times ...the last days...

Fool Me OnceDecember 10, 2017

So is Romney saying that it would be a "stain" to support and elect a man only accused of crimes during a heated political race, but not a "stain" to support or elect a man who believes killing babies is no crime? Being a severely conservative Republican is so confusing.



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