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August 3, 2020

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SunriseJuly 4, 2017

The easiest and by far the most effective way to lose weight and prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes is explained in The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. His plan works!

Jane BirchJuly 3, 2017

Hi Pops! Here is my take: diabetes is closely linked to excess fat on the body. Losing weight almost always improves insulin resistance, no matter how that weight loss occurs. A ketogenic diet is a strict low-carb diet (low carb, high fat). It is one of many fad diets that can be used to eat fewer calories than you expend. This naturally removes fat from the body, and if you are burning more fat, you are storing less of it. This weight loss may improve some symptoms of diabetes, but like many fad diets, it is not the healthy way to lose weight so where gains are made in some areas, other areas (like cardiovascular health) may get worse. Our body can run on a high fat diet, but it is not the preferred fuel for our body. Our body is designed to run on healthy carbs, and when we mess with that design, we pay consequences.

PopsJuly 2, 2017

Curiously enough, some pre-diabetic people are, on the advise of doctors, on the ketogenic diet - just the opposite of WFPB. That's a head-scratcher for me - any comments about this from Jane? DIY Brazilian Keratin TreatmentJune 28, 2017

Jane Birch, you are a woman on a powerful mission and doing a marvelous job of it. It has long struck me that we as a church almost entirely flout the Lord's counsel in DC 89:13. Why, just last week my gospel doctrine class read every verse above and below it until I felt compelled to add its message to the discussion. God tells is in unequivocal language that it pleases him for us not to use animal products unless under extenuating circumstances (although some argue that his proscriptions exclude seafood, and it is true that their fats are different from those found in "beasts" and fowl). Thank you for hearing the call and fulfilling it so well.



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