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“I feel accepted and loved.” “Now I have hope.” “I was depressed and didn’t want anything, now I want things for myself.” “I am crying, these are happy tears.” “I look forward to this all week.” “These lessons are dripping into my soul, and I am feeling emotionally lighter.” These are statements from participants of “Healing from Sexual Abuse”, a group-based approach implemented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe since 2021.

In June 2021, the Europe Area Family Services office started the “Healing from Sexual Abuse” programme for the first time, outside of the USA, after becoming aware of a specific abuse case in Europe and the large impact this had on this individual and her family.

The “Healing from Sexual Abuse” program was developed and being implemented in-person by Family Services in the United States. It was then decided to start the process to bring this programme and adapt it to fit the needs of Church members in Europe.

The on-line closed group was provided to English speaking sisters throughout Europe. The first groups were conducted by June Ferreira, a counselor and psychotherapist based in the United Kingdom, and Sister Lizbeth Rencher, a senior missionary and licensed psychologist.

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To read the full report, CLICK HERE