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Over 700 young adult members and friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered in Berlin last week for a Europe-wide service conference, centred on volunteering at the 2023 Special Olympics. As volunteers, they were also invited to join the large opening ceremony at the Berlin Olympiastadion, with around 50.000 spectators.

The service conference began on Friday, 16 June 2023, and ended Sunday, 25 June. Conference participants came from all over the world, the majority from Europe, representing a total of 48 countries.

Two young adults, Dan Winkler from Germany and Tabita Aversa from Brazil, where part of the Church conference’s organizing team. “All elements of this conference were focused on helping others,” says Tabita. “Our main schedule was to help at the Special Olympics throughout the day, and at night there were some additional activities planned by us,” she continues. “I hope that everyone felt the love, which God has for all of His children. This love motivated me to help out with this conference and I hope that everyone felt the same, through their time together and doing something good for others.” Tabita concludes.

“This conference was a little bit different to what we normally do, because it was not just about enjoying ourselves, mingle, or grow spiritually, but also what we could donate timewise, strength-wise and talentwise to the service of others.”  says Dan.

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