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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated more than 2.5 tons of food during a fifth wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the Church’s Hong Kong Newsroom reported on April 8. 

The donation is enough for about 6,000 meals provided by the Foodlink Foundation, a charity working to fight hunger and foster nutritional wellness and also partners with hotels and restaurants to reduce food waste. 

“This donation does not only provide emergency food relief to the desperate communities but also injects positive energy to support the needy,” Aurea Yung, Foodlink’s head of operation, said of the March 25 donation. 

The COVID-19 omicron variant surged in the city of 7.4 million earlier this year with pandemic related restrictions affecting employment. The foundation has recently received more urgent calls, Yung said.

Mickey Lui, the Church’s welfare and self-reliance manager for Asia, said there were challenges with finding delivery drivers and also sourcing canned food. The outbreak also led to fewer available drivers and logistics workers available to transport and handle deliveries. 

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