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BYU–Hawaii — which has a mission to serve people in the Pacific Islands and Asia — and BYU–Pathway Worldwide — which has served roughly 11,000 students in those locations during 2020 and 2021 — are hoping a new partnership will help expand educational opportunities. 

The two Church educational institutions announced on Monday, Nov. 8, that effectively immediately students who have completed either BYU–Pathway’s foundational PathwayConnect curriculum and/or a certificate or associate degree will receive priority consideration for admission to BYU–Hawaii.

“Our partnership with BYU-Pathway Worldwide will help us further achieve [our] mission by streamlining admission to BYU–Hawaii, while also allowing students to graduate with less time on campus,” said BYU–Hawaii President John S.K. Kauwe III.

The BYU–PathwayConnect program is designed to provide students with entry-level, preparatory coursework including courses in math, English and religion. Afterward, students can then continue to work online toward a certificate or degree offered through Ensign College or BYU–Idaho.

Now, students have the additional option of pursuing one of BYU–Hawaii’s 39 bachelor’s degree programs and having an in-person campus experience as well. 

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