Amy Chua — the John M. Duff Jr. Professor of Law at Yale Law School, a legal scholar and a writer — delivered Tuesday’s forum address. She spoke on the root causes of political tribalism and offered proposals on how the future leaders of America can overcome them.

“We all know that America is in the grip of a vicious political tribalism. … Partisanship has become toxic, and it’s increasingly difficult for people on different sides of the political aisle to talk civilly about issues like race, gender, climate change and election outcomes.”

Referencing a recent study of children between the ages of 4 and 8, Chua explained that tribalistic tendencies run through our veins.

“We’re hardwired that way. We can’t help it; we need to belong to groups. And once we connect with a group, we tend to want to cling to it, defend it and see it as better in every way.”

While subgroup closeness can be enjoyable in competitive sports and bring families closer together, Chua explained that pure tribalism becomes dangerous when it takes over a political system.

While America has always had “red vs. blue” debates, Chua discussed three reasons why recent bouts of tribalism are particularly toxic.

1. Massive demographic transformation 

Chua pointed out that the U.S.’s white majority, which has dominated the nation economically, politically and culturally for the last 200 years, has become more diversified. As a result, there is social unease.

“No group in America feels comfortably dominant. Every group — whites, Blacks, Muslims, Christians — they all feel attacked, persecuted and pitted against other groups.”

2. News and social media segregation

While news media has had biases and lacked diversity in the past, Chua said many sources were still committed to sharing facts and being objective. However, she explained that many news reporters today make their biases clear, ignore facts and use outlandish claims to gain attention.

3. Growing divisions between “coastal elites” and “heartland Americans”

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