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One year ago, the “For the Strength of Youth” guide was introduced at general conference.

Some parents and leaders may still wonder how to speak with youth about the principles taught in the guide. Here are some thoughts and ideas that might help.

What is your ‘attitude’?

Pilots refer to an airplane’s position in the air as its “attitude.” Is the airplane nose-up or nose-down? Climbing or diving? Is it in a turn or cruising straight and level? An attitude can also mean a mindset, or an approach to dealing with the ups and downs of life. An old saying about both flying and life is this: “Our attitude determines our altitude.”

Nowhere is our attitude more important than in our response to the words of the scriptures, words of the living prophets, and inspired counsel from Church leaders. Our attitude regarding the FSY guide can be life-changing and can affect whether we will soar to new heights or sink to a lower level.

What will our attitude be as we read the guide? Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek” (Matthew 5:5) in the Beatitudes. Here are three attitudes that can help us measure our progress in becoming meek.

1. How bad can I be?

Those with this attitude say, “Where is the line? I want to live as close to it as possible without crossing over it.” This is a little like asking where does “good” end and “bad” begin. It is as dangerous as a skydiver asking, “How close can I get to the ground before opening my parachute?”

2. How good do I have to be?

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