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“As a person of faith, I believe that all of us living on this beautiful planet share a sacred responsibility to care for all of God’s children and to reach out to others in need, whoever they are and wherever they may be,” said Bishop Gérald Caussépresiding bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Geneva as he delivered a keynote address at a United Nations conference. Nearly 75 people attended the meeting, including diplomats from around the world.

The event, sponsored by Latter-day Saint Charities, addressed the role of education in displaced populations. Bishop Caussé, who oversees the Church’s welfare and humanitarian programs, was joined in Geneva by Sister Sharon Eubank, president of Latter-day Saint Charities and first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, one of the largest women’s organizations in the world. 

“I’m happy to be representing the 7 million Relief Society sisters in this kind of a setting,” said Sister Eubank. “This is the first time we’ve ever sponsored a site event here at the United Nations in Geneva. We’re excited to begin, but there’s much more to do in the future.”

Bishop Caussé cited a UNHCR report that shows only 61% of refugee children attend primary school, compared to 92% of children globally. As refugee children get older, the gap grows.

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