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There is a child in your life that you hope will grow up with a love of Joseph Smith and the restoration.  Instead of giving that child another bright toy that will soon be broken, how about something lasting this Christmas at a price you won’t believe?

Our children live in a very visual age.  One of my daughter’s Facebook pages has 1,183 pictures on it alone.  I have 124 pictures on my Facebook and I have not put one of those pictures there myself.

How can we compete in such a world, making our values and the foundational parts of the gospel vivid and real for our children in the midst of this Babylonian Sea of amazing technological stimulation? 

Our goal is to place our children in situations where they are most likely to feel and be taught by the Spirit.  Without that experience we can lose our children’s interest in the things that matter most to them.

It is for this time and this challenge that I put my best efforts into creating A Day Like No Other, a children’s book and photographic essay on Joseph Smith and the First Vision.  We have offered this book to you before, but never like we are going to now.


The day I shot the photographs for this book was stunning. I hadn’t planned on it being so perfect. I wasn’t even there to shoot; I was leading a Church History tour. Yet, as I was giving my 5:30 AM lecture on young Joseph Smith’s experience and testimony, my peripheral vision kept tugging at me to look around. It had recently rained, followed by a fast drop in temperature the night before, and now the mists and moisture of morning were doing a magical dance with the rising sun.

I have photographed the Sacred Grove for over 30 years and never had I seen anything like this. In 90 minutes I shot 555 images.  These images were a gift to me, and I had to use them to help the youth of the Church and others interested in knowing about Joseph Smith and the First Vision see this place in resplendent beauty—to see it the way we picture it in our minds but never see in real life.

I’m going to give you an amazing offer in just one minute.

But first, picture yourself (or your child alone) curled up on the couch or a comfortable chair, reading the story of the boy Joseph, seeing stunning images of the actual places on the Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove as he or she reads.  Imagine that child you love poring over pages with pictures of the Smith Cabin as the first light of morning bathes its log walls. 


Help that child walk in the footsteps of the boy Joseph as he crosses over the small brook on his father’s farm and enters into the woods to pray. 

Picture those moments when you turn the pages of this beautifully-designed book and you see the light of testimony begin to light up in your children’s (or your grandchildren’s) eyes.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to share your feelings along with this vividly illustrated story of the First Vision. 

Like the sons of Helaman, you want your children to say, “We do no doubt our mothers (and fathers) knew it.”  This is one of those times where you can put your child or grandchild in a place where he or she can feel the Spirit.

For this season, as a gift to you Meridian readers, we are slashing the price of this 64-page, hardbound book in half, so that instead of the regular price of $19.95, for this Christmas season only, you can buy the book for only $9.95—but only while the supply lasts.

This is a phenomenal bargain for such a heritage book as this. 

We will sell as many copies as we have in stock and will take the orders on a first-come, first-served basis.  We have a few thousand books ready to ship. These hardbound editions are available in English only.  Orders will be processed the day they are received and books will be shipped well in advance of Christmas.

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You can read more about the book here  and also order the books from that site. 

Remember, these are some of the most stunning images that have ever been taken of the Sacred Grove, and now, you can have them in your home and in the homes of those you love for this rock-bottom price of just $9.95. 

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This is a perfect gift for:

Children ages 13 and under.



Missionaries (multiple copies can be given so they can have gifts to give).

Newly baptized child.

Primary Graduation.

New Deacons.

New Beehives.

Home Teaching Families.

Collectors of Joseph Smith books.


Extended family.

Collectors of fine children’s books.


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