Rate Meridianmagazine.com or latterdaysaintmag.com at mywot.com and boost your favorite magazine in the ratings for trustworthiness.

The Web of Trust is a set of community-powered tools that families can use to identify trustworthy websites. It shows which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping, and searching on the web. Their safe surfing browser tool is free. The WOT Trust Seal shows whether a site is trusted and gives you confidence to buy.

The WOT rating system lets you comment on sites and rate them based on whether they have family-friendly content, ads and pop-ups, scams, good customer service, etc.

To help people know about and trust the Church’s website, we encourage you to enter some of the Church’s websites in the box in the upper right of the mywot.com page and enter a positive comment about the site. You can also see existing comments and mark whether you agree or disagree with the comment. More importantly, you can click Edit next to Reputation Rating and rate the site in the four categories of Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy, and Child Safety by clicking on the scale from red to green.

See a list of the official LDS Church websites. You may especially want to help by rating some of the Church’s international sites.

Learn more about LDS technology at www.ldsmediatalk.com