The Charlotte Technology Examiner published an article “The LDS Church’s ‘Mormon Message’: Almost as omnipresent as the God it preaches” that says that the Church has made quantum leaps in its use of technology in communicating to its members and to the world. The article makes several interesting points:

  • With about 14 million members worldwide, the LDS Church has pulled together outstanding resources to not only help its members stay connected to their own faith better, but to help the entire world understand the Mormon Church better.
  • Other churches don’t compete with the exposure and efficiency in communication the LDS Church is reaching.
  • More than most churches, the LDS Church has caught the vision of utilizing technology to accomplish its goals.
  • Every organization in the world covets the page 1 results of a Google search. If you googled the word “Mormon” a few years ago, the first page of search results would be poor quality or anti-Mormon sites. Today, the terms “Mormon,” “Joseph Smith,” “Latter-Day Saints,” and even “Jesus Christ” return quality, positive sites for the majority of page 1 results. These are mostly sites by members or by the Church itself.
  • The sites created by the LDS Church and its members are very professional–the type you would expect to see in a new-age technology business.
  • The Church has excelled in putting together a social media campaign that rivals the exposure of even the “funny” viral media out there. The “Mormon Messages” YouTube Channel receives millions of hits. The Church’s Facebook page is also very popular.
  • There are a host of applications for mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and others.
  • Tools for Leaders. No church in the world knows more about how their members are doing and where they live than the LDS Church. Leaders have access to non-sensitive data about each member wherever they need it.
  • Clearly the LDS Church is laser-focused on communication within its borders and to the world. And clearly it is working. With its apparent “blitz” from seemingly every direction, you would have to live in a cave to not be exposed to information about the church.

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