Welcome to the new Meridian.  We have a fresh, new look, but we know that means you have to learn how to find your way around. 

It’s organized in a way that we hope will make every article and every key idea more accessible to you. If you are having trouble, contact us directly at ed*******@me**************.com and we will help you. 

Meridian will have all the writers and inspiring stories you have become accustomed to—and so much more with surprises we will gradually be rolling out.

For now, here’s a few pointers on how to make the most of the magazine.

First Line News

The top news stories of the day from the world’s best news sources are listed to the right of the cover story.  Click anywhere to go to our new First Line News pages where you will find all the news of the day categorized by topics on a page that looks like this:

There you can find news categorized as Top Stories, LDS, Nation, World, Business, Science, Culture and Health.  Zero in on what you like the best from this news buffet.  You’ll not find an easier way to bone up on today’s news than right there on our First Line News page.

Today’s Features

To the left of the cover story are today’s new feature stories.  These are the six or seven new features for the day. Click on any of these and you’ll go to an article that looks like this:


You will have lots of options when you are reading an article.  On top, you’ll notice buttons for sharing the article in a variety of social networks.  You can send it to a friend, write the author or comment on the article.  If you are a big fan of this writer, click on the author’s name or the author archive and it will take you to a page to learn more about the author and find a list of his or her articles.  Enjoy.  This makes finding other articles by your favorite authors easy to find…


Think Sections

As you begin to navigate your way around the new Meridian, here’s a tip..  All of today’s features will be on the main page, but after today, you can find the most recent articles in “More in Meridian” at the bottom of the Home Page—and even more important, they will be in Sections.

Think of your newspaper and how you can find all the Entertainment together in one section, your Society in another.  So it is with the new Meridian. Think Sections. The tabs across the top with their sub-tabs are all sections.  If you love articles about family relationships, they will all be there under the Family section.  If you are looking for gospel doctrine, look under the Church tab.  Easy to access.  Easy to find the kind of articles you want on this buffet that is Meridian.


If you can’t find what you want, search.  Our old Meridian search mechanism become bogged down with too many articles.  But our new search mechanism will powerful.  When it is ready, enter a key word, an author’s name, an article title, and you’ll find it.


Just below today’s features is a permanent spot for our YouTube features and our photo essays.  In the Youtube area, you’ll find new video clips a couple of times a week.  If you want to see all the clips in the archives, just click on “View More”.  Take an hour some night, turn off the television and watch for a few of the Youtubes for inspiration.


Photo Essays

Since one of Meridian’s hallmarks is its photo essays, one of the hallmarks of the new magazine will be the photos, displayed in a way where they are large, clear, and set against a black background.

So have fun.  Explore.  Watch for the new features that are coming.

If you find any glitches in the new magazine, fear not, we’ll continue to make refinements in these first few weeks.  Broken links will be fixed.