Explore Israel and Egypt with Scot and Maurine Proctor
By Maurine and Scot Proctor

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Of all the places we’ve traveled, no place sits so deeply in our hearts as Israel , and therefore no place do we yearn so much to return again and again. The last day of the last time we were in Jerusalem, we sat on a stone wall near the Garden of Gethsemane and sang a wistful song, “Jerusalem of Gold” and quietly cried that we had to leave.

istockphoto credit: Eli Mordechai

That’s why we are so excited to invite you to join us on a memorable, soul-expanding tour of Israel April 22 through May 1, 2009. On this tour, we’ll be on a boat on the blue Galilee where Jesus taught his disciples. We’ll celebrate in memory with the shepherds on the hills overlooking Bethlehem . We’ll rejoice in the resurrection at the Garden Tomb. In fact, many of the names that have resonated in our minds since we first began reading scriptures will be on this tour-Nazareth, the valley of Megiddo where the last battle will be fought, Caesarea, Capernaum, the Dead Sea, Jericho, the Temple Mount. We’ll visit the Dead Sea and the River Jordan. We’ll visit Masada, the last stand of the Jews against the 70 AD onslaught and explore Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

istockphoto credit: Steven Allan

The secret that you learn when you visit Israel is that when the scriptures teach that all things testify of Christ, it is really true. The very landscape of Israel is a testimony of him. Here are the sheep grazing on the hillsides while shepherds tend them. Here are the rocky fields that remind us of the stone of Israel . Here in the Garden of Gethsemane , we learn that the very name of the place is a type of what Christ experienced here. It is the “place of the olive press.”

istockphoto credit: Ash Laidlaw

We immersed ourselves in Israel when we wrote our book Source of the Light, which was a photographic journey into the Savior’s life, and it has been our constant source of study since. We would love to share stories and insights with you as you enjoy this extensive, breath-taking tour of Israel . You’ll find that once you’ve been to this heartland of holiness, that the scriptures will never again be the same for you.

istockphoto credit: David Kerkhoff

Just when you think you’ve experienced the most exotic days of your life, you don’t have to be through. You can add a five-day Egypt add-on that takes you to the most dazzling sights of ancient Egypt including the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the temple of Karnak and the Valleys of the Kings and the Queens and the exciting ruins of Abu Simbol.

istockphoto credit: Vladimir Khirman