The Church Music site on ( contains links to all the music and music-related resources that the Church has placed online. Along with sheet music, resources include an interactive music player to play, read, or transpose hymns and children’s songs. Access learning materials on conducting music, accompanying others, teaching songs to children, adding variety to singing, and learning music symbols and terms. Site visitors can search for songs with a variety of keywords, and songs can be downloaded as MP3 files.
Visit the Church music site if you want to

  • Learn parts to the hymns
  • Download Church music from the Hymns, Children’s Songbook, or other Church-related music
  • Prepare talks and lessons using the music
  • Learn basic music skills (conducting and keyboard)
  • Assist in learning your Church calling
  • Listen to music while working at the computer
  • Manipulate hymns (transpose to different keys, speed up and down, print sheet music)
  • Sing together in Family Home Evening
  • Search hymns for words, phrases to use in talks, lessons, and FHE
  • Links to music in Church magazines
  • Simplified hymnbook in languages (Hymns Made Easy)
  • Reference organ manuals

From the News of the Church article which introduced the Church music web site in 2004: ‘The most important benefits of the new site will be spiritual. As the First Presidency teaches in the preface to our hymnal, music has the power to move us toward greater spirituality in our homes and families.  Whether or not members have a background in music, the site will help them in studying doctrinal principles, conducting family home evenings, serving in Church callings, and teaching the gospel in many settings.”

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