Candlelight Media Group announced that auditions for Singing with Angels will begin with video auditions, which can be submitted from September 8 onward. In July this year, Candlelight Media in conjunction with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir announced their collaboration on Singing with Angels. The movie is a fictional story of one woman’s journey to join the Choir.

Brian Brough, director and producer, said the response to Singing with Angels has been one of far-spread excitement. “We’ve received lots of emails and photos from people wanting to be involved. We want to see them audition,” Brough said. “In order to see everyone, we thought it best to start with video auditions.”

Screenwriter Brittany Wiscombe, who is also involved in casting, said the role descriptions are posted online on Candlelight Media’s website, as well as scenes to audition for each role. “At this point, we want to focus on acting,” Wiscombe said. “As in any project, we have to find the best actors for the roles.” After that, actors will be screened on strength of singing.

“Not all roles call for singing,” Brough said. While the film revolves around the Choir, filming any scenes of the Choir will feature actual Choir members. Wiscombe added, “I think there is a perception that we will be casting a whole choir. With our collaboration with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, we have the unique chance to film them singing.”

After initial video auditions, candidates who fit what Brough and Wiscombe are looking for in each part will be contacted. Then, there are callbacks. “Callbacks are a chance for us to see an actor again, and take a little more time to see if the fit is right.”

In casting 16 Stones, Candlelight Media’s movie coming to theaters on October 1st, callbacks made a substantial difference. “We brought in seven actors for three different parts, and had them audition the scenes together,” said Brough. “They are all strong actors. It helped us see who fed off each other well to bring the scenes to life even more.”

“The callbacks are a pivotal part in the audition process,” said Wiscombe. “We did it for 16 Stones, and it shows on screen with the actors’ performances.” Wiscombe added that there are strong family relationships in Singing with Angels, and that same attention will be paid to actors’ chemistry together.

The roles posted online are main parts of the film. From the people auditioned in those parts, some are cast as other supporting roles that have not been released to the public yet.

Singing with Angels will be released in Spring 2015 in theaters.