Taking its place alongside Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, Disney Animation’s latest effort, Frozen, is already destined to be a long-beloved classic thanks to a strong script, memorable characters, dazzling animation, and killer songs. Based very loosely on the Hans Christian Anderson fable “The Snow Queen,” Frozen tells the story of two royal sisters whose love for one another is impeded by one’s uncontrolled magical powers, which result in a potentially eternal winter for the kingdom. To say more would be to give away the film’s numerous twists, which are best discovered by audiences as it progresses.

The movie features the vocal talents of Idina Menzel (Wicked), Kristen Bell (Big Miracle), Jonathan Goff (The Conspirator), Josh Gad (Ice Age: Continental Drift), and Alan Tudyk (Firefly). Menzel lends her powerhouse vocals to several terrific songs, but Bell holds her own surprisingly well. Gad, for his part, nearly walks away with the movie as a snowman brought to life. He’s adorable and hilarious, but fortunately the rest of the cast is right there with him. Frozen is very funny, surprisingly moving, has an amazing soundtrack (buy it here), and gets bonus points for putting as much effort into its tale of familial love as it does the inevitable romantic subplots. It effectively continues the studio’s hot streak that began with Tangled and Wreck-it-Ralph.


CONTENT OVERVIEW: Frozen is rated PG. There are some moments of peril (attacks and chases by wolves and an abominable snowman, etc.), several chaste kisses, and some mild potty humor (a woman says she’s feeling “gassy,” a character mentions needing “to tinkle,” the word “butt” is used, etc). 

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: There is no greater love than to be willing to die for another person (John 15:13). Beware the words of flatterers; they tell you what you want to hear but may have nefarious motives (Proverbs 26:28). Siblings should be loyal to one another, offering love and service to each other (Mosiah 4:14-15).

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