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Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  From childhood, November and Thanksgiving have been my favorite season and holiday of all.  Perhaps it was because in the late 50’s, Santa Claus arrived on the last float of the Thanksgiving Parade held the day after Thanksgiving. (Which I firmly believe, despite modern marketing tactics, is still his perfect entrance cue.) Perhaps it’s because I so treasure the longer cozy evenings at home with Daylight Savings.  Perhaps it’s the subtle beauty of autumn fading into winter.  As I am nearing 60, perhaps it’s a growing personal discovery that the Thanksgiving season with its warmth, charm, abundance and sociability, is a hidden symbol for the power of gratitude to improve every aspect of our personal lives — even our physical health!

Several years ago a treasure came to me in the form of a book that forever changed how I understand both the principle of gratitude and the elements of the earth, so in keeping with the message of November and Thanksgiving.  Perhaps you’ve already discovered “Hidden Messages In Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto and have marveled at its photos, theory and easy-to-read text.  If not, I urge you to find a copy at the library or get one from Amazon to treasure with your dear ones. It is a fascinating read for middle school-ers on up, and even the pictures alone will be enjoyed by elementary school-ers. I highly recommend it on many levels as an excellent Thanksgiving read.

Water Is Essential To Life

We all know that the earth is largely made up of it, and that 50-75% of our own physical bodies are principally water.  Water holds the power to flood, ravage and kill, (how our hearts ache for our brothers and sisters in the Phillipines!), yet it is the essence of life as a draught creates famine, and individually we cannot live for longer than 3-5 days without drinking it. 

With life itself in its power, there is even more that is vital to learn about water.

The Book of Moses recounts the creation of “every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew. For I, the Lord God, created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth” (Moses 3:4-5). Referring to the physical creation of plant life, this passage continues: “And out of the ground made I, the Lord God, to grow every tree, naturally, that is pleasant to the sight of man; and man could behold it. And it became also a living soul. For it was spiritual in the day that I created it” (Moses 3:9).  (I’ve included at the bottom a link to a fascinating LDS article that develops this in great detail.)  

For many it seems an odd thought, peculiar and impossible to document other than our own testimony of the scriptures.  Really?  Do the plants and the elements that they are comprised of really have spirits?

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto and his camera, the answer is a resounding scientific “YES!”

Dr. Masaru Emoto was born in Japan and is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University His research into wave fluctuations led to a study of homeopathy, where the value and functions of water play an important part in health and healing.  These studies led to some experiments with freezing and photographing water crystals to examine their properties. Through high tech microscopes and cameras used in an very cold room, he is able to photograph the water sample crystals, much like the snowflake photographs of Snowflake Man Wilson Bentley who became famous for his more than 5,000 jewel-like photos taken on his Vermont farm in 1885.

From the very first photos taken by Dr. Emoto and his assistant, they were astonished.  The first surprise was that not all water samples will crystallize. Tap water which has chlorine and other chemicals used to sanitize it will not.  Water samples from extremely polluted rivers or dirty water from city puddles directly seem to express the state’ of chaos that the water is in as they can barely form a crystal.  However, water from clear springs or mountain lakes, always form crystals.  When this fact became consistent, that water reflects where it has come from, he became very excited. 

Some Simple Experiments

These early photos and the excitement and the thoughts they generated triggered some simple experiments.  Using distilled bottled water purchased at the corner drug store, he and his assistant exposed their water bottles to different conditions. To some they literally spoke to the water: “You’re adorable!:  “You’re beautiful!”  “You’re smart!” To other samples they said unkind things such as “You’re stupid” or “Fool!” They experimented by writing words such as “thank you” and “gratitude” on a piece of paper and taping it to the samples. They played music to the water, ranging from classical concert symphonies, to hard metallic rock band music.  They placed art, photos and names of celebrities around the bottles.

The photographs are breathtaking!
CA lovewater
This photo was taken in response to the word “love.”
CA happiness
This photo was taken after the word “happiness” was said to it and the word taped to the bottle.

CA BachMelody
This photo was taken after the Bach Melody “Air on the G String” was played to it.

CA compositeThese six photos show different responses to words and music.

They even watered plants with water that had been exposed to different social environments, and found that those plants watered from bottles of water treated with love and kindness grew very differently than plants watered with samples that had experienced harsh rock music and cruel words.

The premise for both individuals and mankind as a whole is simple:  Since our bodies are 50 to 75% water, we are literally changed by the words we both speak and hear as well the music we listen to.

“Love and Gratitude” Are Number One for Health 

Consistently within his experiments, the most exquisite and well-formed crystals are those that have been exposed to the words “love” and “gratitude” either with the words themselves taped on the water bottle, or the words “Thank you” affectionately expressed to the water.

Dr. Emoto has had a fascinating career sharing his discoveries in printed books, documents, lectures and presentations to audiences ranging from scientists and health practitioners, to children in elementary schools.

No wonder the principle of gratitude is so important in the Savior’s teachings!  We are literally healthier, more beautiful and functionally improved when we are living the principle of gratitude as it actually and chemically creates health!!!  

One of my favorite internet authors, Maggie Reyes, speaks of gratitude being the foundation of being part of healthy relationships, a great way to relieve stress and monotony, and a fast way to shift energy when you are worried or stuck. Singing “Count Your Many Blessings” always feels better than focusing on frustrations.  Who can forget the movie “Pollyanna” where Pollyanna always found something to be glad about and the difference it made to the entire town?

Maggie says: One of my favorite games is to ask myself when I am stressed or stuck in traffic is to declare five random things I am thankful for at any given time.

  Try it with me…5 things! Go! Mine are: wedding pictures, my hubby’s smile, the sound of my best friend’s voice (especially when I am having a bad day), self help books, Pinterest. Gratitude also opens our heart and mind and in that sometimes tiny, yet open space, miracles can happen.”

Being grateful and acknowledging what we have, instead of ignoring, resisting and refusing it, tells our Father in Heaven that we appreciate him, and bring increased blessings of not just peace, but also the exact things we need most!  I have recently learned of a dynamic way to communicate with our Heavenly Father and ourselves that will allow us to experience being thankful in a dynamic way:

Gratitude, Gifts and Gains – A Ten Day Thanksgiving Project

This can be done either individually, couples, or as a family or with roommates, etc. as a Thanksgiving project for the next ten days before Thanksgiving.  Though you won’t be able to take photos of the results like Dr. Emoto, you’ll be able to feel the healthy, happy benefits.

Simply get a little notebook or a few pieces of paper stapled together.  Choose an agreed upon time, at the dinner table, before family prayer, etc.  Then, make a little daily list!

1) GRATITUDE: Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for.  Anything at all!
2) GIFTS:  Make a list of 3 good things that have come your way that day unexpectedly
3) GAINS:  Make a list of 2-3 ways that you have responded to a situation with progress and improvement, from how you speak to others, to self-discipline with a new habit, learning to respond rather than react, etc.

(You may well find, as I have, that this is a fabulous personal habit to develop.  The best time is at night before you go to bed and are both reviewing your day, preparing to sleep and allow your subconscious to address your needs)

What a happy thing it will be on Thanksgiving Day to review the good things you have experienced!  How much of it will go unnoticed and hidden until you take the time to see what lovely things are surrounding and heaven-sent each and every day.  

So much of real life, real beauty, real joy, is hidden until we’re ready to see it.  May this Thanksgiving be filled with hidden messages to bless your life with health, peace and happiness.


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An LDS Perspective on Environmental Stewardship by Craig Calli

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