Backstage at the shoot of the latest soon-to-sweep-the-universe Imagine Dragons video I began musing upon the power of pictures. I was watching the creation of, and being featured in, some pretty nutty pictures. But I expect them to change the world as we know it, because I was told at the shoot that these young men are quite popular.

Two Backstage Graffiti’s ago (I assume that you, as I do, measure your life in numbers of Backstage Graffiti’s-like when I say “I tried to get conventional employment twelve Backstage Graffiti’s ago, we’re planning on taking the kids to Disneyland about fifty-eight Backstage Graffiti’s from now”) my column appeared here with a lovely picture of the Jordan River Temple added to it.

It was perfectly apt to what I had written, and really enhanced the message. Many Meridian readers from around the galaxy and from several of those new M-class planets that have become so popular lately on the Internet expressed their respect for my spiritual sensitivity in providing them with that picture. Except I didn’t. The Editors just slipped it in on me. I was plenty grateful, but I couldn’t escape the suspicion that they may have been trying to tell me something: “Use more pictures!”

I am nothing if not obedient. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is my Celtic band, Annie’s Romance:



Your typical Backstage Graffiti column is fifteen hundred words. Goodbye.


Just kidding. I spent the last couple of days

Schedule(not the above days)

hammering out a website for Annie’s Romance. We’re calling it (We are called “Annie’s Romance” because Annie Rosevear


was our original flute lady until she left us for the big-time in L.A. and she was always having romances ((does this surprise you?)) and so we called ourselves “Annie’s Romance.” She kindly recommended her replacement, Michelle Adams,


who, I think you will agree, fulfills all previous parameters, except she’s married and so is only having one romance from here on out. The foundation of the band is Rob and Liz Macdonald


who, I guess having gotten caught up in the spirit of our name and missing the particular romantic element our former flautist brought to rehearsals, got married to each other. The combination of twinkling lights and glowy hanging thing ((that looks a lot to me like an artist’s conception of “affection”)) often mysteriously appears between them.

And finally, yours truly,


playing guitar ((where else?)) at their wedding. ((I took their wedding very seriously.)) )

So what is the relevance for Meridian Magazine? Well, everybody in the band is LDS, you see. As is most of Imagine Dragons. And we’re romantic as all get-out, it being a principle element of our faith. And pictorial too, Editors!


Thanks for sticking with this. What you’ve experienced here is, after all, equivalent to 7,990 words!

The picture of Annie Rosevear is by BryCox.comCelebrity Style Imaging, Inc