crowley lisleLisle Crowley is one of the most prolific guitarists in the American West. He is an adjunct professor of guitar at Dixie State University, plays for most of the productions at Tuacahn Amphitheatre, and is a member of the rock band The Lawn Darts, who have shared the stage with Styx, Kansas, and The Beach Boys. Lyle is also a devout Latter-day Saint, dedicated to creating quality music without compromising his values.

His latest album, the cleverly-titled “Pickin’ It Ol’ School,” serves as a fine showcase for the man’s talents, providing listeners with an impressive variety of styles and genres in its 13 tracks. At times this instrumental album blasts classic hard rock, at others it soothes with lovely and soft acoustic ballads. Sometimes it’s funky, sometimes it’s soulful, and at sometimes it even unleashes the Spanish guitar. That the album never settles on a tone is actually its greatest strength; every track feels fresh and unlike what came before it. The commonality is impressive guitar work and supporting orchestration that accentuates original melodies and compositions.

As with any album, certain tracks spoke to me more than others (I’m sure you’ll have your favorites, too), but there’s not a lemon in the bunch. I’ve found “Pickin’ it Ol’ School” to be perfect background music for get-togethers as well as great to unwind with in the car with the volume cranked up. The album can be purchased here. For more about Lisle Crowley, please visit his web site.

Listen to a sample here.

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