Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday so why not give Dad something he can enjoy, relax with and read: books. Here are books for and about dads and are good for all ages. The last six books are picture books.

mark of a giantThe Mark of a Giant: Seven People Who Changed the World, by Ted Steward, contains seven chapters about seven great people who impacted the world for the better. Their contributions are wide and varied but all have come to earth at an important time and all helped to serve people who were at an impasse. They include the Apostle Paul, Marie Curie, Sir Isaac Newton and Martin Luther King Jr. The final chapter heading reads “Are There Giants among Us?” and combines the many enriched elements of these great people and concludes that we all have greatness within to help and serve others. This is such a superb and uplifting book!

A Beginner’s Guide to Talmage (Excerpts From the writings of James E. Talmage), compiled by Calvin R. Stephens, is an exceptional gathering of Talmage’s best work all contained in this book of 400 pages. I believe his most inspirational and informative publication (or at least when I became acquainted with his work) was “Jesus the Christ” which is included here in a synopsis form. But there is so much more spiritual genius related to this great Apostle. There are also excerpts that include “Articles of Faith”, “The House of the Lord” and “The Story and the Philosophy of Mormonism”. Every missionary and adult member of the Church should read this book!

N specialAre We Special? The Truth and the Lie about God’s Chosen People, by Jeffrey S. Reber, PhD and Steven P. Moody, MSW, is an inspiring book that helps members of the Church become real disciples of Christ. The book discusses how we become entangled in feeling a little more privileged due to having the gospel and the knowledge of knowing that we belong to the true Church upon the earth today. The book helps us outline our true destiny of following Christ’s teachings by obeying the commandments and opening our hearts to others about the gospel. I found the strongest and most inspirational part of the book in the concluding chapter that wraps up all that we need to do in order to become true disciples of Christ: “We do need to labor all of our lives to build God’s kingdom and we must repent and forgive always.”

FarTHER, by Grahame Baker-Smith, is an extraordinary book vivid with color, detail and mixed media and invokes a feeling of gratitude and desire to become better. The story conveys the dream of a father hoping for his son to go farther in his goals and aspirations than he had. The story and pictures are full of meaning of hope and love.

When a Dad Says “I Love You”, by Douglas Wood, and illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell, showcases many ways that father bear could tell his cub how much he loves him. Some of these fun loving expressions find little cub riding on dad’s shoulders, dad making pancakes and helping his son with his homework.

N heroHero Dad, by Melinda Hardin, and illustrated by Bryan Langdo, invites all military fathers to become superheroes to their children. The opening sentence states “My dad is a superhero.” But the book points out that it doesn’t mean that dad wears a cape. Instead, he wears fatigues. The proud son goes on to explain that his dad can’t fly. But actually he does – as the picture illustrates him parachuting from a plane. This is a perfect book for those fathers serving in the military.

The Favorite Daughter, by Allen Say, is a celebration of who each of us are and where we came from. Yuriko is half Japanese and becomes upset when schoolmates tease her and make fun of her name. But it’s her father who brings her back to the pride of her heritage and the love of her family and discovering what’s really important in life. A father helps his daughter find pride and inspiration in this masterful picture book. The watercolor, pencil, pen and ink help make this true-life story beautiful.

N my dadMy Dad Thinks He’s Funny, by Katrina Germein, and illustrated with mixed media by Tom Jellett, is the perfect book for all those dads with a very dry sense of humor. When the child says “I’m hungry”. Dad responds with “Hello, Hungry. Pleased to meet you.” Or when the child puts a lot of ketchup on the plate, Dad’s response to that is “Would you like some dinner with that ketchup?” The funny thing is I can actually hear my dad say the very same kinds of silly things to me when I was growing up. The text has different size fonts to emphasize the humor in the pictures and lines which will definitely bring smiles to all who read this fun book!

Giddy-Up Daddy!, by Troy Cummings, is so silly that it’s hilarious! Daddy is such a great horsey to take the kiddies on rides on his back that rustlers want him. And when they horsey-nab him, the kids track the hoof prints daddy leaves for them. This funny story takes you to a circus, a polo match and even into Canada. But I’m not going to give away the surprise ending! This is a must for reading out loud!