Church members and missionaries are safe following a massive fertilizer plant explosion that rocked West, Texas, on Wednesday evening, April 17. West, Texas in is the Waco Stake.

Blake R. Christensen, president of the Waco Texas Stake, said Church leaders in the area immediately contacted county emergency response officials and offered assistance after the blast, which killed at least a dozen people and injured more than 160.

The destruction around the West Fertilizer Co. extended for blocks in the small farming community in central Texas. The blast shook the ground with the strength of a small earthquake and destroyed homes, an apartment complex, a school, and a nursing home.

One member was impacted by evacuations, said President Christensen.

He said the community has “responded amazingly” and reached out to the victims. “The city has been inundated with commodities,” he said.

As soon as the area is cleared for people to enter, President Christensen said local Church members will assist with cleanup efforts.