I want to direct this review to the outstanding contributions from Deseret Book Company. This company is above and beyond any other publisher in the pursuit of producing outstanding literature that is uplifting, inspirational and entertaining.

I continually read through dozens and dozens of children’s books sent to me from all of the major publishers.  I ensure that the literature I recommend to children and families is appropriate and that it contains good and decent stories. It’s both interesting and sad how these various publishers have changed over the years. I’ve reviewed books from these publishers for over 14 years and I’ve witnessed the slow integration of inappropriate language, situations, story-lines and violence. Prior to my reviewing job, I taught for 25 years in just about every grade level in elementary school.  At that time I was constantly looking for good books to read out loud to my students. But it seems that over the last dozen years [that I have reviewed books] the amount of bad language, sexual situations, same-partner parents and violence has escalated considerably.

I know that I can pick up any book in the Deseret Book store and be confident that I won’t find anything but quality and content appropriate material inside the book. There is not another publisher of this size, or larger, that has these high moral standards. It’s quite a relief, and most encouraging, to know that I can always count on Deseret Book. It’s even an uplifting experience to go inside a store.  Not only are there wonderfully packaged books with beautiful covers, but the stores have inspirational paintings and messages on boards throughout.

inventorsecretSome of the authors that have gone on to publish with larger publishers have begun at Deseret Book. One of my favorite authors is Brandon Mull who wrote the Fablehaven” series. Mr. Mull was discovered by Deseret Book.  Now, I’ve just read a new book that is published by Deseret Book and it may become a favorite of mine. The Inventor’s Secret, by Chad Morris, is the first book in the planned “Cragbridge Hall” series. The book is a sci-fi mystery where the year is 2074 and the school where twins Abby and Derick are entering is built with the capabilities of allowing students to learn about history in a 3-D experience. They can also learn about animals by becoming one through an avatar. But things go horribly wrong when their parents and grandfather suddenly vanish and now the twins must learn some deep secrets within Cragbridge Hall in order to locate their family. This book will grab you on the very first page and keep you reading until the last page.

followprophetsFollow the Prophets: 52 FHE Lessons from Latter-Day Prophets, by Rebecca K. Irvine, is new book from Covenant, which is an imprint of Deseret Book. This book is a great example of another aspect of this outstanding publishing company. This book helps families by laying out lesson plans to teach important truths. The first chapter begins with Joseph Smith and lays out five important lessons that families can learn from, such as: the First Vision and revelations that happened in the Kirkland Temple. The last chapter is about President Monson and the four lessons outlined includes developing talents and giving to charity. Each chapter includes the prophet’s testimony, important dates of their lives, scriptural references, gospel principles and hymns.  There are many fun activities included for families to enjoy together such as making finger puppets, games and word searches. There is also a CD-Rom included to help create the best family home evening possible!