Cedar Fort’s DVD, Finding Refuge in El Paso, is meant to accompany a book of the same name by Fred E. Woods. On its own, however, it’s still a charming and informative little documentary that sheds light on a fascinating, though often unexplored, chapter in Church history, namely the 1912 exodus from Mexico. Latter-day Saint settlers, who’d fled to Mexico years earlier to escape anti-polygamy laws in the United States, were originally welcomed by the Mexican government because of their knowledge successful desert farming. When rebellions and civil warfare broke out in Mexico, however, the Saints found themselves caught in the middle and fled for their lives to El Paso, Texas, where as refugees they experienced a truly overwhelming display of Christian charity from the citizens of that city.


This documentary successfully balances broad historical context with the intimate personal stories of Latter-day Saints tried by poverty and violence, left to the mercy of the Lord and the good people of El Paso. With original photographs, firsthand accounts, perspectives of modern experts, a surprise appearance by a prominent General Authority, and 90 minutes of special features loaded with more information, this is a must-own for Mormon History buffs.

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