big miracle cover

Based on the true story of Operation Breakthrough, the 1988 attempt to rescue three gray whales trapped in the Alaskan ice, Big Miracle is an intelligent and uplifting family movie. Though some characters are a bit one dimensional and there’s little spark between John Krasinski (TV’s The Office) and Drew Barrymore (Ever After) as they inch towards reconciliation as a former couple, all of the performances are fun and the history is fascinating. The film’s greatest strength is how it captures, in such a refreshingly human and entertaining way, the complex dynamics between an oil tycoon seeking good PR, an environmentalist trying to make a point, a journalist sensing a career opportunity, Reagan-era politicos looking for votes, and Inupiat whale hunters seeking to be left alone. That these very different people with very different motivations ultimately unite with one noble goal is to be expected, but the acting, writing, and film-making make it satisfying nonetheless. Big Miracle is now available on DVD, BluRay, and digital download.

CONTENT OVERVIEW: Big Miracle is rated PG. There is some mild profanity, but no violence or sexuality.

MESSAGES TO DISCUSS: Whales, like all living creatures, are the marvelous creations of God (Genesis 1:21; Moses 2:21; Abraham 4:21). We should strive to eliminate contention and to increase unity, understanding, and love with one another (Mosiah 18:21).

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