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Angels from the other side are allowed to bring us specific knowledge from time to time that can help us in many ways.  It is so inspiring to hear the many methods and ways they are allowed to impart this knowledge to us.  Read about a few…

“My Ancestors Come to Me at Night”

Some time ago in a fascinating discussion with one of my dearest friends, (I’ll call Jan), I was told a marvelous experience that she had.  She was actually visited from the other side by a Great-Great Grandfather telling her that she should do work for a particular line.  He told her that her cousin Jenny had already found the names but the temple work wasn’t getting done.  Jan followed his angelic directive and contacted Jenny.  Jan was astounded to find that Jenny had hundreds of family name cards already printed (but not completed), and hundreds more family names reserved – so no one else could do their work.  Jan curiously asked Jenny how she was able to find so many family names.  Jenny told her,

“Well I do it a bit different than others.  Most people research until they find a name, but for some reason, my ancestors come to me at night, and tell me where their names are.  I go look where they tell me, and they are there.[i]

What a powerful on-going gift that Jan was given. All her angelic information checked out, and with Jan’s help the work was completed.

Generally the gifts of knowledge that angels bring us are just one-time events as in the following story.

Amazing Angelic Answer to Prayer

While on his mission in Brazil, Elder Melendez was serving as a Branch President over the Posse Goiás Branch.  One Sunday night he desperately needed guidance from the Lord in his calling.  At church he had a perplexing conversation with a member.  She had not come to church for a long time because of bad things that had happened to her.  He didn’t know what to tell her, and was frustrated. He wrote,

“After our conversation I came home and knelt in my room to pray.  I asked the Lord if He could please guide me as to what I should do and where I could find the information I needed.  I had the church manuals and looked through them constantly but could NOT find the answer I was seeking.  At the end of the day when we returned to our house I looked again and still could not find it, so I prayed and went to bed.

“That night I will never forget.  As I slept, it felt as though someone came to me and they said that they were sent to get me.  This person was dressed in pure white, so I followed him.  He took me to a room that was pure white and then the room became brighter and brighter, I looked at the person who had brought me, but I could not see his face; I just saw him point toward the source of light as if beckoning me to go ahead and ask.  So, I explained what was going on and that I was looking for some guidance as to what I should do.  The light didn’t say anything.  All it did was extend its hand and point to the church manuals.  I explained that I had looked and couldn’t find what I was seeking.  The hand then grabbed a piece of paper that had a number written on it.  I took the number, and the person who brought me there took me by the hand and brought me back.

“As soon as I woke up, I ran to my desk to find both books laid on my table.  (The night before I had placed the books in my room on my bag).  I remembered the number and opened the book immediately.  As I read the page it was exactly what I was seeking.”[ii]

Elder Melendez was extremely blessed to receive this blessing of knowledge from an angel.

Angels Will Tell You All Things You Should Do

I love the scripture that says, “Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ…the words of Christ [and angels and the Holy Ghost] will tell you all things what ye should do…this is the doctrine of Christ…” [iii]

Angels often echo the words of Christ in holy circumstances and environments…

Surrounded by “White Angels”

A woman shared a sweet yet profound story of an experience she had with her grandson…  She wrote,

“I am raising my grandson and he once asked,

Why are there so many angels around the temple?’

“It was in Manti during the week of the pageant. As we talked about the angels and what they were doing, I asked him what he knew about angels. He said,

The ones dressed in white surround me when the ones dressed in black are nearby.

And before I could ask him any more about it, he ran off to play with the dog. Tears of gratitude and love still fill my eyes.” [iv]

What a tender and honest statement from a precious child.  We can learn so much from them… because of what they learn from angels.

In my final account is the story of a woman who also received powerful life- changing knowledge.

Angel Grandmother Came from the Other Side to Deliver Message

Bonnie Heidenreich was an extremely talented young mother that became very frustrated with her life as she was compelled to wash dishes, wipe noses, shop, clean up spills and do laundry instead of the “substantive” projects she wanted to do.  A deep depression set in… With exasperation she vented,

“Is this what I was born to do?   Why did the Lord give me all this imagination if I can’t use it?  And why am I trying to help my children grow up to be creative individuals if when they are grown, they’ll spend all their time clearing the table, vacuuming and washing faces?  What a waste!  And this is life?  Yuck!”

It was with this aggravated attitude that Bonnie began to fold laundry.  She writes,

“It was about 10:30 one night and I was in the laundry room folding my next to the last batch of clothes. I was very unhappy.  I closed my eyes and offered a silent plea for help…

“Suddenly, I felt the presence of my Grandma Andersen, and I sensed she wanted to communicate with me.  “Well, go ahead,” I thought, still somewhat bitterly, “if you can say anything that might help, I sure need it!”

“The next few minutes are difficult to describe.  It was a type of PURE COMMUNICATION where thoughts and ideas are sent and understood instantly. First, she said,

‘Bonnie, I speak to you with empathy and with authority because I have already lived through this life.  I had ten children.’

“A brief view of her ten children and their beautiful lives flashed through my mind. Then she said,

‘Bonnie, there is nothing that will bring you more celestial joy than your children.  No creation, no book, no song, no job, no success can begin to touch the joy of children, properly raised.  The things which concern you are mortal and will come to an end.  Your children are eternal.’

“Secondly, she said,

‘To the Lord, the most important work in this life is bringing His children to a knowledge of Him so that they might live with Him again. You can be a part of that great and glorious work, Bonnie, and you must start with your children!’

“Again a picture of Grandma’s children flashed through my mind, with their children and grandchildren.  They blessed many who in turn blessed others, who then went on to bless and serve more and MORE people…multiplying! Growing! Expanding! Exploding!…until there were millions of God’s children all over the world who could link their love of God and their desire to be faithful followers of Christ back to my one grandma; one mother in one little home… 

“But most importantly, she told me that if I lived the valiant life and achieved the crown, an eternity would await me with opportunities for “creating” which I could not begin to imagine yet!

“She was gone, and I stood there alone, getting my clean laundry all wet with my tears.  I don’t think the whole experience lasted more than a minute, but that’s all it took to turn me around and head me in the right direction.  I thanked the Lord for answering my prayer.” [v]

What powerful, magnificent knowledge was given to Bonnie! It was brought by a beloved grandmother angel to purposefully change the course of her life.

Life Changing Information Imparted by Angels

Jan and Jenny were given temple names and dates; Elder Melendez was given critical information he needed for his calling.; A child was taught that angels surrounded and protected him, and Bonnie was visited by her grandmother to let her see from a Celestial perspective.

It is likely all of us, at one time or another, will receive angelic knowledge, (whether we realize it consciously or not). As we ask[vi] and follow through in what we receive, we will have knowledge distilled upon us so that we can know all things that we should do.[vii]

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