Stunning Photo Essay: Christ the Lord is Risen Today! | Meridian Magazine

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October 23, 2021


It is our desire to bring to life for you, through photographs and words, some of the actual places where Jesus suffered, bled, died and was resurrected. Please read every caption and study each photograph. It will help make your Easter weekend more memorable and filled with the Spirit. Better yet, share this with your family and share your own witness of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

MaryannApril 20, 2020

Most of us will never have the opportunity to see these sacred places in person. Thank you so much for these beautiful photographs and the inscriptions!

EvelynApril 12, 2020

Wow!!!! thank you again for let us make this journey through these sacred places. I am amazed of the love of my Savior. God bless you both for sharing this images and inspiring words that only confirms our testimonies.


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