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The Joseph Smith Papers project’s last section was completed in July, creating a comprehensive history of the early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including events in the life of its former prophet and president, Joseph Smith.

A conference commemorating the completion of the project will be held Sept. 15-16. More information about the conference can be found on the Joseph Smith Papers website.

Gail Miller, a financial supporter of the project, told the Church News that it’s a valuable resource to help “strengthen testimonies all over the world.”

Other than the documents themselves — which have been collected and organized to be shared and understood — the collection includes media such as podcasts, videos, photographs, illustrations, charts and maps to help “millions know Brother Joseph again.”

Here are seven different resources available to better understand the Joseph Smith Papers:

The search bar

On the homepage of the Joseph Smith Papers project website, the search bar is a good resource as questions and other ideas pop up during your exploration. Using it just like Google, it pulls up any documents or other media of the project related to your search.


Five different podcasts — each with six or eight episodes — were produced from the Joseph Smith Papers project, hosted by the associate managing historian of the project, Spencer W. McBride, who is an expert in religion and American politics.

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