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The world screams that we need instant gratification. We want everything and we want it now. In Maurine Jensen Proctor’s article “How the Beautiful Pictures in Our Heads Can Hurt Us” she says:

“What we think is an absolute necessity for our lives to be happy may also be completely wrong—or at least a shadow of what the Lord plans for us. We can make things so much easier for ourselves if we will let go of the death grip that we hold on to our expectations. If life didn’t turn out as you planned, you are in good company with most everyone else.

God wants us to be happy. He has a picture for our lives, too, and it far surpasses our own. The problem is, we just can’t see it yet. We think our glorious mental picture of how our journey will unfold is the best possible. He tells us instead, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1 Cor. 2:9).

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The world paints false images of perfection to which we should aspire. In Satan’s Counterfeit Gospel of Perfectionism, Darla Isackson writes:

“Perfectionism assumes we can perform our way to heaven, a sure formula for discouragement. Any time I’ve believed that lie, even for an hour, I’ve felt miserable. First the adversary whispers that I “should” get good enough to fix everything and everybody. When I totally fail, and realize I can’t even fix myself, he moves into the next part of his discouragement program, whispering that I am incapable, inept, inadequate and not able to do anything right.

“Those voices are NOT coming from the Lord. Such thoughts are self-abuse, nothing more. They come from the adversary who falsely claims you can self-abuse yourself into being better. Abuse never motivates progress, whether it comes from outside voices or inside voices. Satan is the great abuser, so we can always be sure of the source of abusive thoughts.”

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The world teaches that marriage is difficult, in fact, that the most important thing in life is to watch out for your own needs. In “The Marriage Miracle that Few will Try”, Joni Hilton writes:

“It’s so easy to criticize, to become negative. It takes discipline, creativity, and love to do the opposite. When you see your spouse putting the pie plate in the wrong cupboard, say, “Thank you for unloading the dishes.” When they get lost driving, say, “I know you’ll figure it out—you always do.” And when he offers to get bottles of water at the airport, say, “Why didn’t I think of that? We’ll probably need them.”

“Now turn this around and imagine living with someone like that, who only sees the good in you, who thinks your ideas are brilliant, and your heart is good. If you think you have no annoying foibles, you really are dreaming.“And wouldn’t we all love it if someone gave us the benefit of the doubt when we make mistakes?”

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Then how do you deal with a child who does everything you don’t want them to do?

Larry Barkdull writes in “Our Wayward Children and the Heart of the Gospel”:

“A parent’s test of waiting is often much harder than the tests of searching and seeking—at least we feel that we are in control when we are actively working with the child. But to wait for pain to do its work on a child can be excruciating for the parent; consequently waiting requires godlike discipline, maturity, and, most of all, faith that God is guiding the situation.

“Nevertheless, we parents must learn this discipline if we expect to become as God. He understands perfectly how to exhibit unconditional love while temporarily withholding unconditional support. If rock bottom is where repentance is likely to take place, then He wants to get the wayward child there as soon as possible. And He will do so unless we impatient, albeit loving, parents get in His way.”

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