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With Mother’s Day fast approaching let’s celebrate this wonderful day with books that showcase our love for, and from, Mom!  The first four books are picture books and are best for ages three through seven.  The rest are board books that are geared for toddlers up to the age of five.

Superhero Mom, by Timothy Knapman, and digitally illustrated with vibrant color by Joe Berger, demonstrates all that mom takes on – often all at the same time.  She may not wear a cape, but she can take it all on to become quite a superhero.  She can untangle hair, mend, bake and take care of scrapes on legs. In a flash, with a smile, / my supermom appears, / with a bandage and a kiss, / to chase away my tears. The rhyming text reads with delightful rhythm and alliteration found throughout.

Peeping Beauty, by Brenda Maier, and the adorable pictures rendered digitally by Zoe Waring, ultimately has the baby chicks hatching with Mama’s love.  The sagacious story is a rendition of Sleeping Beauty. Mama and Papa are waiting for their babies to hatch.  But one egg is taking much longer.  All of the family is trying to get the last egg to hatch, but it’s Mama’s love that ultimately cracks the egg.  And – there is a surprise waiting at the end.  The cover is filled with glitter and the clever storyline has onomatopoeia and wordplay. The family of chicks will surely bring smiles to all.

Loving Hands, by Tony Johnston, and beautifully painted with watercolor, gouache and pencil by Amy June Bates, is a rhyming progression of mom and her sweet baby. The first picture you see, before the story begins, is mom very pregnant.  The poetic story begins with mom snuggled in bed with her new baby. A child is born one winter day / His mother calls him Lamb. / She hums a tune that has no words / and holds her baby’s hand.  The baby grows into a man and the bond of love continues.  The story shows the powerful love of a mother for her child.  The wonderful illustrations fill the pages with warm hues.

Nobody Hugs a Cactus, by Carter Goodrich, can be associated with moms because no matter what your personality or desirably, moms will accept you and love you just the way you are!  Hank is the prickliest cactus and doesn’t seem to want to have anyone near him where he sits in a pot on a windowsill.  He steers lizards, tumbleweeds, even coyotes away from his ledge.  But it doesn’t take long for him to realize he’s lonely and wishes he wasn’t so ornery to all who approach him.  What happens to this prickly cactus will bring a smile to him and the reader.  The earth tones of beautiful watercolor give off the essence of a dry dessert.  And the expressions of this cactus are hilarious!  This book will be much hugged!

Mama Loves her Silly Goose, by Sandra Magsamen, is a small board book in the shape of a tall rectangle. There are six short nursery rhymes making this perfect for mama’s everywhere to read-out-loud for ages two to four.  The bright illustrations are a trademark of Magsamen who writes and paints specifically for toddlers.

Baby Love, by Angela Di Terlizza, and illustrated with heart-felt love by Brooke Boynton-Hughes, shows the great love of a happy family.  The depiction of this glowing baby with a smiling, glowing face and all the activities he gets involved with will surely bring smiles to all who read this smallish-sized board book.  There are few words on each page making this a quick and easy read for little ones with mom.

Peter Rabbit I Love You, by Beatrice Potter, features this classic character from the beloved series and shows how mom adores her little bunny.  Each page begins with a short sentence that begins with My little bunny following with a brief description of a simple rhyming activity. My little bunny, let’s sing and clap. My little bunny, snuggle down for a nap. There’s a surprise found on the last page of this sweetly painted book.

I Love You, Little Pookie, by Sandra Boynton, shows the great love between mother and child.  Pookie is a pig in a sweet series that features her kindness throughout.  Mother states in a simple sentence per page all the things she loves about her child and what she enjoys doing.  She points out that Pookie is sometimes quiet and sometimes wild.  Mother enjoys walking with Pookie or riding in a car.  But whatever the reason, My love will go with you wherever you go.  The illustrations are simple, but sweet as well.

I Love You, Little One, by Holly Surplice, celebrates the love between a sweet mother guinea pig and her little child in a poetic text.  Through painting together, singing and playing instruments together, cooking together and reading together, mother and child enjoy it all and strengthen their love. There’s love in every answer to / your questions, big and small. / I do my best to help you learn, / though I don’t know it all.  The energetic illustrations were made digitally.

Little Fish and Mommy, by Lucy Cousins, is told through the viewpoint of the little fish.  Little Fish loves mommy and throughout this brightly painted book, with the trademark of Cousins, shows all that makes this love grow.  Little Fish loves swimming with mommy, playing games with her and exploring.  This darling little book is even in the shape of a fish.