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Abraham Lincoln famously said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” It is a tribute that remains oft quoted and well-known today, timeless and elegant and apt. (And in case the word “angel” makes it feel like he was setting up an unfair comparison to his perfect family, you might be interested to know he was actually referring to his stepmother, whom he grew to adore and cherish after his own mother passed away during his childhood).

But Lincoln captured a sentiment I think we all feel at some point, how much we owe to the ones who raised us for shaping us into those we become. Mother’s Day weekend is the time when we try desperately to find some way to show that appreciation and though we can’t help but fall short, it’s still worth the try.

The following videos represent modern-day tributes, reflections and love notes to the mothers in our lives and perhaps if your pen is poised over a blank card not sure how to say it–these moving mementos will get the juices flowing.

1. You Made Me Who I Am 

2. You Changed Your Life for Me 

3. We Grew Together 

4. You Gave Me My Life 

5. You Gave Up Your Time

6. You Made Me Laugh

7. You Taught Me To Pray

8. It Was You