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Though the majority of Christmas advertisements are just red and green versions of the loud and flashy commercials we see the rest of the year, a few companies make an effort to be different. These ads are often more about sharing a message of Christmas rather than selling a product. Below are six such ads to get you into the mood for this wonderful holiday week.

The first comes from Sainsbury’s (a large supermarket chain in the UK), who are known for their annual offering of a beautiful Christmas advertisement. This particular 2014 clip is based on true accounts from World War I when the holiday brought enemies together, if only for a moment. If a commercial can be a classic, this is a classic.

The next film brings us the caroling experience of a familiar character that we don’t usually associate with Christmas. We are reminded though, to show love for all those around us, even should they ‘have no beauty that we should desire them.’

Many of these Christmas ads explore the theme of failing to fit in and maybe it’s because everybody seeks and cherishes the feeling of belonging during the holidays. This next one is about a deformed gingerbread cookie trying to feel at home among his fellow gingerbread people.

I had to add this next one for two reasons: the moment when we see the Dad squishing his finger as he tries to assemble the trampoline with its complicated instructions, is the Christmas Eve reality for many parents and it’s worth watching out for. The second reason is that, this ad is another UK ad and even in London (big city), I saw foxes all the time. When I moved out further into a town in the countryside, Badgers fought in my backyard every night as I tried to sleep. This one is just too realistic to the UK experience not to include.

Along the line of John Lewis, animals and trampolines is this 2014 ad about a boy and his best friend who happens to be a penguin. I love the twist at the end and I love the reminder that Christmas is all about love and imagination.

The 2015 ad from John Lewis was a touching parable of sorts about reaching out to those you love and making sure they know you’re there. This man seems excruciatingly lonely because he lives on the moon by himself, but I bet there are people on your own street or in your own family that need your love just as much.